Protezione dati

At ZeroBounce, we take data protection very seriously and we are committed to keep your information safe from harm. We are using one of the most efficient content delivery network systems in the world, supported by CloudFlare. This system ensures additional defense against cyber attacks and data breaches, thanks to the Advanced Firewall. Furthermore, we are one of the few email verification services that use a military grade encryption algorithm to safeguard your files and personal information. Whenever you upload a file on our server, we encrypt it using a unique key. Once our email verifier validates that file, we re-encrypt it and protect it with a password that only you have access to. This additional step keeps your data secure during the process of email validation.

Un aspetto importante delle nostre norme sulla privacy è che i tuoi dati non vengono mai archiviati nel nostro sistema per più di 30 giorni. Una volta terminato di utilizzare il nostro verificatore di posta elettronica, tutti i dati e tutti gli aspetti dei tuoi dati vengono cancellati entro massimo 30 giorni. Inoltre, le informazioni che condividi con noi a scopo di pagamento sono crittografate.

At ZeroBounce we go out of our way to protect your data and we developed advanced defense mechanisms against misuse, loss, unauthorized access and improper disclosure. We want to provide the same security that we would want for ourselves. Our customers feel safe knowing that the best email verification services is also the most secure.